Big Data & Data Management


With Big Data, business organizations can use analytics, and figure out the
most valuable customers. It can also help businesses create new experiences.


We help drive our client’s journey to build data products and intelligence

Big Data Infrastructure

On-premise/cloud infrastructure development, security and data protection, infrastructure migrations.

Big Data Analytics

We’ll help you analyze the data and come to the best business conclusions. Our team of analysts will cover even the most difficult tasks.


Maintaining a big data infrastructure can be tricky. But no worries - we can help you keep all your data safe and working without any issues.


Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and work with one of our experts. We’ll help you with your current challenges - architecture, technology choices, scalability and security.

Data Engineering

From Big Data ETL to batch/stream processing and data integration. Our team will develop and implement the right tools to cover all your data processing and analytics needs


Our workshops and training programs are organized by experienced instructors with many years of real-life Big Data experience. Pick the one that suits you the most!


We focus on providing the most suitable data-driven decisions to address the client's business challenges with the help of robust big data tools and technologies. Transform your data into a strategic asset & attain business growth.

  • hadoop
  • cassandra
  • mongodb
  • hive
  • apache_flink
  • apache_spark
  • hd_insight
  • datalake_analytics


We are the prominent Big Data Consulting firm that use big data technology to enhance clients’ businesses with the delivery of rich digital experiences & smarter decisions.

ETL for Analytics

After retrieving data from operational systems, it is pre-processed for analysis with data Extraction, Transformation (cleaning, filtering & validating rules) and Loading into a data warehouse.

Data Warehousing

Captures and integrates only structured data (cannot process unstructured, raw or complex data) from multiple sources for analytical reporting, ad-hoc/structured queries & decision making.

Data Lake

A centralized storage pool that collects structured & unstructured data the way as it is, without any data structuring & performs operations like dashboards/visualizations, real-time analytics.

Data Processing

Data are manipulated & processed into the usable form using a standard sequence of operations done automatically or manually to get meaningful insights, which help users to choose output as required.

Data Integration

Technical and business processes are collaborated to combine data from disparate sources & provide a unified view of data in the company for easy retrieval of valued information

How Our Platform Works

With the smartest approach to transform raw data into business benefits, we enable companies to use the analytics architecture effectively & give directions to make informed decisions leading towards the faster outcomes.

Data Sources Integration Data Storages Analytics Presentation



Data Warehouse

Query & Reporting

Web Browsers

Semi Structured


Data Marts

OLAP Cubes

Native Desktop



Operational Data Stores

Advanced Analytics

Mobile Devices


Mobile Devices

Accelerating Time to Value

Upsteer provides strategy, architectural consulting and implementations on multiple big data platforms. Our team's deep vertical knowledge helps us create purpose-built solutions to meet business requirements.

Roadmap & Planning

From big data strategy and roadmap to implementation, our learnings gained over dozens of projects help carve the right program and approach to your big data journey.


We help with technology selection,architecture,platform consulting and execution.


This is how we describe ourselves with only key-words - the Upsteer skills cloud.

We create the next revolutionary tools to expand the limits of evolution,automation and robotization.

The state of the art mandates that any business who seeks to optimize their workflow should transform the way they operate.

This requires the transformation of certain processes from manual labour to automation.

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