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We intend to address the difficulties of data science utilizing a one of a kind philosophy dependent on cement commonsense experience picked up from various data science extends in differing spaces.

Machine Learning

Our answers have the capacity to learn without being unequivocally modified, which help in handling information and running calculations to influence them to perform undertakings independent from anyone else without people.


We help in increasing the value of organizations with the AI-controlled virtual operators that comprehend what clients need and give them a customized understanding.

Natural Language Processing

Created with the NLP innovation, our AI-driven arrangements help in understanding human dialects to realize what individuals compose or talk, clarify their conclusions, and take applicable activities.

Robotic Process Automation

Upsteer AI applications are worked to mechanize the business forms without human reliance that conducts repeatable undertakings dependent on guidelines from AI and clients.

Predictive Analytics

We set AI and prescient investigation to work by extricating data from informational collections and foresee future results that assistance to pick up an upper hand with the lesser possibility of dangers.

Decision Management

We empower customers to settle on more brilliant and quicker choices utilizing strong calculations and prescient frameworks with the assistance of AI-empowered business choice administration arrangements.

How it Works

From careful project analysis and ideation stage — to solution roll-out and management, the experts of Upsteer AI Lab will help you every step of the way with your solution.

Unlock the potential for
AI and Predictive-Analytics



Data migration from legacy systems to new platform

Design & Architecture Design & Architecture

Design & Architecture

Design data platform tailored to the business needs

Platform ImplementationPlatform Implementation

Platform Implementation

Components implementation and deployment

ML & Business intelligence ML & Business intelligence

ML & Business intelligence

Recommendation Engine

Analysis & IdeationAnalysis & Ideation

Analysis & Ideation

Analysis of domain and data

Areas of Expertise

Machine & Deep Learning

  • Predictive maintenance algorithms for Industrial IoT platforms
  • Finance: AI driven market insights and predictions predictive and prescriptive maintenance
  • Predictive algorithms for individual customer experiences (Web and Mobile)
  • AI-driven data analytics for trend-watching in Retail and other industries
  • Data mining

Natural Language Processing

  • Consumer Machine Learning Chatbots
  • Department-specific AI assistants
  • Data mining and extraction
  • Voice recognition/Voice AI

Data Lakes & Cloud IoT

  • Big data, business Intelligence analytics, predictive tools, planning, generative models, and optimization tasks in one place
  • Data ecosystem architecture development
  • Distributed storage
  • Scale-ready read and write processing
  • Data cleaning processes
  • Pre-built high level features for machine learning
  • Integration with popular cloud platforms

Image Processing & Video Analytics

  • Store and process all video streams
  • Surveillance, wearable, hand-held and other cameras integrated in one data lake platform
  • Highly-customizable video learners
  • Lightweight ML models on the edge
  • Fully automated end-to-end production process
  • Face recognition matched with other users transactions
  • Personalized image processing
  • Behavior patterns extraction
  • Detecting blacklisted persons

Technology Expertise

All major ML frameworks

Pre-built and pre-trained models for multiple vertical use-cases (prediction, classification, segmentation, anomaly detection, NLU)

Design, deployment, and support of enterprise AI production workflow for on-prem DCs and public clouds

Enterprise Big Data technology stack: SQL/NoSQL databases, ETL, ingestion, streaming analytics

Cloud based ML platforms and services (Azure ML, AWS ML, Google AutoML, Clarifai, Watson)

Accelerated compute infrastructure

Our core capabilities consist of three main subjects

On strategic, tactical and operational levels, companies are always looking for possibilities to improve, adapt or change their business models through distinct types of innovation. At UPSTEER we have a thorough understanding of business, IT and data, as well as the ability to guide you and your company through each step of data-driven transformation.

We operate in a broad range of domains, from retail to industry and from banking to government. Our core capabilities are in the field of Data Science and AI.

Integrating IT and Data Science is what sets us apart.

To successfully implement Big Data projects requires “the business”, IT and Data Science within the organization to find common ground and understanding, and then work together on planning and executing projects.

Data Science as a knowledge field is still in development, and for many companies, it is still an uncharted territory—often with a steep learning curve. We help companies build and integrate IT and Data Science teams that streamline workflow for collaborative, data-driven environments.

Case Studies


Our customer is a development driven reproducing organization looking for the following achievement in quality choice. It can take ages to comprehend the full impacts of crossbreeding. Moreover, the estimation of a creature must be anticipated at an early age with the goal that it can even now be replicated.


Utilizing a profound learning model we had the capacity to coordinate the consequences of customary models. Utilizing a mix of DNA information and ultrasound examines we prepared a profound learning model to make a phenotype forecast. The expectation time is currently a lot shorter and invariant to the extent of the creature pool, which enables the geneticists to make a lot quicker cycles.


Expectation time of phenotypes from 4.5 hours to 1 minute

Phenotype forecast precision expanded by 6%


The lifts at a worldwide airplane terminal are associated with the web for help and checking reasons. To guarantee this framework is powerful against digital assaults our customer screens the web traffic that achieves the lift. There's an enormous measure of encoded information that pursues a standard example when the lift is working typically.


We prepared an AI model to identify changes in the information stream that fall outside of the normal example. By utilizing an unsupervised AI approach we didn't require named instances of past assaults and the model is vigorous to information designs that it has not seen yet.


More than 500 lifts would now be able to be observed by one IT Security Officer and the Officer will possibly need to research the lift information all the more intently when an abnormality is identified. This outcomes in greater security and less operational expenses.


The client administration work area representatives had no chance to get of recognizing the most dire messages and which ones they should open first. The long reaction times every now and again prompted client disappointment and different accelerations.


We constructed an AI email classifier which perceives the theme of an approaching email. Every single realized theme get an inside direness score. These rankings permit the administration work area worker to concentrate on the most squeezing issues first.


The classifier figured out how to perceive the right point with a precision of 87%

The normal reaction time on pressing messages dropped from 7.5 hours to 3 hours

The occasions a normal email is sent dropped from 7 to 2


It's essential to identify and group deserts on items to keep the generation line up all day, every day and amplify the business estimation of each loop.


Robotized recognition and characterization of creation blunders more than 50 classes utilizing 50 million infrared camera pictures for every day. The framework consolidates profound learning based grouping with dynamic learning parts. Because of a specialist criticism circle the framework will ceaselessly improve itself after some time.


This procedure altogether beats the past modern vision framework

Expanded evaluating precision

Higher consumer loyalty


The station needed to offer its gathering of people a curated playlist of news content with the goal that every audience could choose favored themes and get a custom fitted supply of the most recent news sections.


The initial step was to embrace sound element identification, trailed by the location of semantic cover. This procedure was then refined in a semi-directed manner. We at that point began theme demonstrating and had the capacity to attempt the section order.


>Identify themes in fragments with 90% precision

Cut sound fragments with 80% exactness

Give significant client content in 70% everything being equal


Towards the finish of a season stock in the focal dissemination focus runs out for certain things, while low performing shops once in a while still have stock left. This prompts lost deals in the high performing shops since they can't be renewed.


The organization has a general recharging strategy for resupplying a shop. A high performing shop can sell a greater number of things than the standard renewal strategy, prompting lost deals in the middle of supply interims.


>Because of redistribution of stock there was 20% less unsold things toward the finish of the period and an expanded in general offers of 8%

The improved renewal approach brought about a 5% expansion of generally deals


15% to 20% of location information required manual recognizable proof which required a great deal of assets. After manual info, 4% of the bundles were still conveyed to wrong address. The geological area of conveyance focuses was much of the time incorrect and the conveyance windows extremely expansive, prompting undelivered bundles.


The accessibility of a ton of information and IoT handheld gadgets at purpose of conveyance gave us the way to make package conveyance progressively effective, while exchanging learning to the customers IT group. We planned and assembled models for each undertaking while at the same time getting acquainted with the points of interest of the area.


Decreased manual intercession of location information by 90%

>half decreased conveyance disappointments

2000 direct worker hours spared every month (less manual remedy)


It is assessed that one out of six individuals will endure a stroke in their lifetime. Six of the evaluated fifteen million worldwide exploited people kick the bucket each year and another six million bring about a lasting incapacity. To limit the massive weight of this overwhelming infection, doctors are looked with the difficult errand of rapidly assessing cerebrum outputs to start treatment as quickly as time permits.


We're investigating bleeding edge systems to find workarounds and make up for the missing commented on information. We're trying four fresh out of the plastic new techniques around convolutional neural systems.


Break the 80% precision boundary by progressively successful utilization of accessible information.

Empower quick and precise picture investigation that helps doctors in settling on well-educated choices.

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