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IOT Technology

IOT puts data to work to enable enviornmental monitoring, smart lightning, mobility, public kiosk, and other solutions for smart cities. IOT Technologies, including AI, vision, and connectivity, deliver exceptional performance from edge to cloud.

IOT Technology Solutions & Services

Build the blocks connecting the physical and digital world with the power of Internet of Things

Industrial IOT

These IoT solutions combine the valuable features of data analytics and connected equipment. We are ready to automate production, maintenance, and other processes important for your industry.

Automotive IOT

The applications are endless: create connected automotive plants and testing labs, fleet management solutions, cloud services for vehicles, and IoT-enabled assistants for drivers.

Agriculture IOT

This is the power of connected devices brought to food production: monitor crops remotely, analyze soil automatically, track location and analyze equipment, watch your cattle and control their health, use drones for irrigation, and much more.

Heathcare IOT

We develop solutions for both personal and in-hospital use for data collection and analysis. Our solutions have a mission to enhance users’ healthcare experience and optimize workflow for healthcare facilities.

Smart Cities

Making regular cities smart with IoT: smart buildings, streets, traffic lights, waste management, air pollution control, and more.

IOT Solution Provider

As a one-stop IoT solutions povider, we focus on every aspect of IoT ecosystems

Device Layer

  • Create rapid proof of concept
  • Prototype and manufacture a product together with a hardware partner
  • Develop embedded software for the low-level control of devices
  • Apply Edge AI

Gateway Layer

  • Develop custom middleware for gateways
  • Apply Edge computing
  • Use Edge AI
  • Consult on technologies

Data Management Layer

Cloud or Local Server
  • Apply Big Data, AI, ML, Deep Learning to securely stored data
  • Design high-load, scalable architecture
  • Create and customize IoT platforms
  • Build smart device networks
  • Perform on-premise deployment
  • Perform third-party integrations

User Interface Layer

End-user Applications
  • Provide UI/UX design
  • Develop web and mobile apps
  • Perform QA and testing
  • Integrate with third-party components
Area of Focus

Smart objects to smart infrastructure

Predictive hardware maintenance

Smart metering & smart grids

Industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Freight, cargo and goods transportation tracking

Asset tracking & smart logistics

Gas, temperature, and ozone monitoring

Smart warehousing

Smart farming & livestock monitoring

Safety and health monitoring systems

Connected logistics platforms

Energy consumption optimization

Asset performance management

IOT Platforms & Technologies

Access the open source tools and technologies to develop new IoT services and applications which are easily adaptable in the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.